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Dear Students and Friends,

It is a matter of great pride and privilege for me and for those, who were incessantly associated with a group of institutions since its beginning, having a dream to impart the state of the art education to one and all. I feel honoured that our efforts have paid through and today we have become, for which we have aspired, the university in name and style of the SunRise University. I am indeed very happy that we carry the name of as our prefix for which I pledge that I along with my team will leave no stone unturned to make this name a globally known place for excellence in higher & technical education.

We have focused much of our time on revising our strategic plans and on envisioning what an educational institution can become in the next coming years. As with all planning exercises, we shall achieve some of our goals and re-evaluate others. And, given the dynamic nature of higher education, we will no doubt pursue some new innovation on areas which are barely imaginative today. The one constant will be our commitment to maintain The SRU’s role as an institution dedicated to diverse and ever expanding community that comprises student, scholars, academicians, corporate leaders and intellectuals of the city and region that we serve.

Our success will be measured by the number of students we educate and quality of education we provide. It will be reinforced by talented team which commit their professional lives to the SRU as teachers, researchers & support staff who truly view the university as a great place to work. In last but not the least I thank all the students, their parents, the teachers, the staff & all that who were directly or indirectly associated with us and have made our current growth possible.

"Hard work has no substitute,
only hard work gives best Reward"


Welcome to a new beginning!

Education plays a vital role in changing lives. Therefore, the choice of an institution is a crucial one impacting the future. While recruiting fresh candidates, companies look for people with a good grasp of fundamentals, domain knowledge, and enabling competencies like effective communications with a wholesome personality, commitment and the right attitudes.

Additional inputs, besides academic curriculum, therefore become necessary. At SunRise University, we endeavor to provide our students the necessary training by using latest innovative methodologies in personality development programs, career building skills, and industry linked courses, in addition to a rich blend of academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities that help in formulating the psychological profile of a student thereby leading him/her to a successful career.

To accomplish this, there is extensive support of  superior infrastructure and learning resources like labs, libraries, workshops, research collaborations, academic alliances, innovative teaching methodologies with latest syllabus designed by renowned professors and industry experts as per the need of today’s industry.

"Here is your opportunity for a successful career"



Today there is widespread knowledge every field of life and new technologies, skills and avenues are emerging. So there is much more scope for the young generation to uncap their talents and achieve greater heights. Sunrise University since its establishment in 2011 as committed to provide excellent educations, practical training and facilities in the career chosen by the student. We promote research keeping in view the changing needs of different professions, industries and social landscapes as such. University is marking ahead and each year new streams and courses are being added to its wings.

Sunrise University is first in the rural area of the mewat region. Students are well absorbed in the national and multinational companies and students have proved their mettle in different fields of industries. As a result of this social economic parameters of this belt is changing and the Sunrise University is playing the pivotal role. University along with in parting excellent education is also paying all round development of the students. Ample opportunities are provided to express their creativity, talent and sportsmanship. NSS and IAYP program helps in making students more social and responsible citizens.

Dedicated management and the faculty are here to nurture and realize your dreams.


Shall flutter like a sparrow............and into the oblivion shall I fly.

Dear Students,

My hearty welcome to you to SunRise University, a splendid Temple of Learning. You are entering into the arena of higher education where the future is full of opportunities and promises. By choosing to study at this University you will join a friendly and lively community. The academic environment is top-class and provides an ideal foundation for your personal and professional development.

We at SunRise University are committed to provide you with excellent education, practical training and facilities in the career you have chosen to pursue. To achieve this we continuously update our courses and syllabi, keeping in view the changing needs of different professions, industries and social landscape as such. We emphasize on imparting excellent education to our students in an encouraging environment; we pay equal attention to the all-round development of our students. We provide them ample opportunities for giving expression to their inner literary creative and artistic talents, as well as, sportsmanship.

Let us help you climb new heights in your dreams and aspirations to create a first-class future for yourself.

Welcome to a rewarding experience at SunRise university.

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