Today there is widespread knowledge every field of life and new technologies, skills and avenues are emerging. So there is much more scope for the young generation to uncap their talents and achieve greater heights. Sunrise University since its establishment in 2011 as committed to provide excellent educations, practical training and facilities in the career chosen by the student. We promote research keeping in view the changing needs of different professions, industries and social landscapes as such. University is marking ahead and each year new streams and courses are being added to its wings.

Sunrise University is first in the rural area of the mewat region. Students are well absorbed in the national and multinational companies and students have proved their mettle in different fields of industries. As a result of this social economic parameters of this belt is changing and the Sunrise University is playing the pivotal role. University along with in parting excellent education is also paying all round development of the students. Ample opportunities are provided to express their creativity, talent and sportsmanship. NSS and IAYP program helps in making students more social and responsible citizens.

Dedicated management and the faculty are here to nurture and realize your dreams.

Prof. (Dr.) Anup Pradhan