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Why SunRise University - Alwar ?

Liberty of Syllabus & Course Designing Course are usually fixed over the period. SRU is a Private University. Hence, it is free to design its own study programs as per the UGC guidelines which are in tune with the industry needs and the career opportunities.
Semester System Annual System of Examination. Student is not in practice to write the exam. Students tend to study mainly in the year end only to pass the exam. Semester system of examination. The student has to undergo exam twice a year. This keeps the student in continued learning round the year and well versed with exams.
Syllabus Syllabus is large and full of theory papers having least relevance with the employability Only useful and industry oriented syllabus which enhances employability of the student
Practical Part Major focus on theoretical syllabus with the sole purpose of clearing the exam. Each program is supported by teacher assignments, internal and external trainings, and project works. This is very useful in practical learning.
Admission Eligibility Only students with higher percentage can get admission Easy admission for average students. They also can avail chances for further study as per their choice
Session Often delay in exams and sessions Administration is in the hands of the University Management, hence everything is done on time.
Integration Graduation and Post Graduation takes either
05 years (BBA + MBA) or
06 years (B.Tech. + M.Tech)
Student can save whole year in integrated programs
04 years (BBA + MBA) or
05 years (B.Tech. + M.Tech)
Lateral Entry No provision of lateral entry In some of the courses, facility for lateral entry is provided. This enables the student to utilize his/her earned qualification.
Results Usually much delay in exam results Results are prompt and in very short time