School of Engineering & Technology


A Sunrise School of Engineering & Technology stands as the gauntlet of invention and progress in the moment's world. These institutions serve as the parentage ground for problem-solvers, formulators, and visionaries who drive technological advancements that shape our lives.
Some of the Programs offered by Sunrise University
  • M.Tech. (All Stream): Master of Technology, is a postgraduate academic degree program that focuses on advanced specialized and engineering knowledge and chops.
  • M.Tech In Data Mining/AI/Robotics/BlockChain: Programs in Data Mining, AI( Artificial Intelligence), Robotics, and Blockchain are technical postgraduate degrees that concentrate on slice-edge technologies and their operations.
  • B.Tech. (All Stream): B.Tech is an undergraduate engineering degree program that generally spans four times of study.
  • B.Tech (Data Mining/AI/Robotics/BlockChain): B.Tech programs offer technical training in slice-edge technologies, preparing graduates for instigative careers in their separate fields and contributing to advancements in technology and assiduity.
  • Bachelor Of Architecture: B(Arch) is a professional undergraduate degree program that equips scholars with the knowledge and chops to become licensed engineers. This program generally spans five times and focuses on architectural design.
  • B.Tech. (Lateral Entry): in Side Entry is a technical undergraduate engineering degree program designed for scholars who have completed a parchment in engineering or an affiliated field.
  • Integrated B.Tech.+ M.Tech: An Integrated B.Tech.M.Tech. program is a combined academic immolation that allows scholars to pursue both a Bachelorette of Technology(B.Tech.) and a Master of Technology(M.Tech.) degree in a streamlined and intertwined manner.
  • B.Tech. + M.B.A.: AB.Tech. M.B.A. program combines the specialized moxie of a Bachelorette of Technology(B.Tech.) degree with the business wit and operation chops of a Master of Business Administration(M.B.A.) degree.
  • Polytechnic/Diploma (All Stream): A polytechnic or parchment program is an advanced education option that offers technical, practical, and hands-on training in colorful fields.
  • Certificate In Engineering (I.T.I.): I.T.I. is a vocational training program that provides essential chops and knowledge in colorful engineering fields. It generally offers hands-on training in areas similar to mechanical, electrical.
  • Industrial Trade Certificate In Household Electrical: An Industrial Trade Certificate in Household Electrical is a vocational qualification designed to give individualities with the chops and knowledge demanded to work in the field of ménage electrical conservation and form.
1 M.Tech. (All Stream) 4 Semesters B.Tech. In Relevant Stream 30000 1000 1200
2 M.Tech In Data Mining/AI/Robotics/BlockChain 4 Semesters B.Tech/BE 40000 1000 1200
3 B.Tech. (All Stream) 8 Semesters 10+2/PCM Engineering 30000 1000 1200
5 B.Tech (Data Mining/AI/Robotics/BlockChain) 8 Semesters 10+2/PCM 35000 1000 1200
6 Bachelor Of Architecture  10 Semesters 10+2/PCM 30000 1000 1200
7 B.Tech. (Lateral Entry) 6 Semesters Diploma 30000 1000 1200
8 Integrated B.Tech.+ M.Tech 10 Semesters 10+2 / PCM 30000 1000 1200
9 B.Tech. + M.B.A. 10 Semesters 10+2 /PCM 30000 1000 1200
10 Polytechnic/Diploma (All Stream) 4 Semesters 10+2(PCM)/ITI 15000 1000 1200
11 Polytechnic/Diploma (All Stream) 6 Semesters 10th 15000 1000 1200
12 Certificate In Engineering (I.T.I.) 4 Semesters 10th 8625 1000 1200
13 Industrial Trade Certificate In House Hold Electrical 4 Semesters 10th 6000 1000 1200
14 Industrial Trade Certificate In Motor Winding 4 Semesters 10th 6000 1000 1200
15 Industrial Trade Certificate In Auto Cad 4 Semesters 10th 6000 1000 1200
16 Industrial Trade Certificate In CNC Machine 4 Semesters 10th 6000 1000 1200


A School of Engineering & Technology is a hustler of knowledge, invention, and technological advancement. The core disciplines encompassed within these seminaries drive progress and impact every hand of our lives, from the smartphones we use to the structure we calculate on. It's a path that not only offers particular and professional growth but also contributes significantly to the betterment of society as a whole.

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