School of Law


Law has been known as a righteous trade and a means for seeking out justice. The law school provides for all future lawyers, legal scholars and agents of social change. This blog explores what role a school of law plays in the society, the skill it provides people with and for those willing to walk along the legal way.
Few Courses offered by us:
PG Diploma In Law: The diploma program is usually based upon the essential laws and might involve issues related to contract law, criminal law, constitutional law as well as others.
B.A.L.L.B. The program involves dual degrees in Law and Arts or Humanities subjects at degree level. A B.A.LL.B degree focuses on the knowledge of liberal arts and law in one program.
L.L.M. (All Subject): The Master of Laws (L.L.M.) is commonly obtained as second-level learning by graduates possessing initial law qualifications such as Juris Doctor (J.D.).
L.L.M. (All Subject): It provides a broad focus into specialized areas of laws thus enhancing students’ specialized skills. The L.L.M. programs cover various themes.
L.L.B. Legal education program is usually undertaken prior earning this degree that can be said to be for undergraduates.
1 PG Diploma In Law 2 Semesters Graduation 15000 1000 1200
2 B.A.L.L.B. 10 Semesters 10+2 20000 1000 1200
3 L.L.M. (All Subject) 4 Semesters L.L.B. 17500 1000 1200
4 L.L.M. (All Subject) 2 Semesters L.L.B 22500 1000 1200
5 L.L.B. 6 Semesters Bachelor 17500 1000 1200


The opportunities in a School of law.
Legal Practice: Practicing law is, by far, the most noticeable possible profession for law school graduates. Workplace setting for lawyers cuts across the following major areas: law firms, government agencies, and internal counsels of companies.
Judicial Careers: It is law school that trains students for a career in court. A worthy ambition is to become a judge because it entails interpreting laws for justice.
Legal Scholarship: After completing their studies, law graduates often opt to serve as legal scholars and educators. These people conduct research, write papers, and teach those who will become lawyers in the future.
Policy and Advocacy: In most times when they end up in law schools, many people enter into policy or advocacy profession. They are employed by various non profit organisations, government departments and international institutions having influence on law making through the process of legislation and shaping the pubic opinion.
International Law: Interested in global affairs can be realized in the field of international law. For example, some of the areas of focus for international lawyers include problems related to human rights, international trade, or issues pertaining to diplomatic relations.
Sunrise School of law is not just a school but it’s a doorway to a world of justice, advocacy, and development. That’s what it prepares the students with the knowledge concerning the law, skills and what to do and not under this law. The aspiration could either be to become a litigator, an academic lawyer or social justice advocate. A law degree from a good university has been an open door into a new world of possibilities and making history!

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