Sr. No. Name  
1 M. Tech. Environmental Engineering Download
2 M.Tech Computer Science Engineering Download
3 M.Tech Construction Management Download
4 M.Tech Production Engineering Download
5 M.Tech Structural Engineering Download
6 M.Tech.(Power Systems) Download
7 M.Tech.Transportation Engineering Download
8 M.Tech Civil Highway Engineering Download
9 B.Tech ECE Engineering Download
10 B.Tech Chemical Engineering Download
11 B.Tech CSE Download
12 Electrical Engineering Download
13 B.Tech Information Technology Download
14 B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering Download
15 Diploma in Automobile Engineering Download
16 Diploma in Civil Engineering Download
17 Diploma in Computer Science Download
18 Diploma in Electrical Engineering Download
19 Diploma in Electronics Download
20 Diploma in Information Technology Download
21 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Download
22 B.Tech Agricultural Engineering & Technology Download
23 B.Tech. Automobile Engineering I to VI Download
24 B.Tech. E&EE III-VIII Download
25 B.Tech. Syllabus CSE III-VI Sem. (AI) Download
26 Certificate in Auto CAD Download
27 CNC Operator Turning MC Download
28 M.Tech. Production Engineering Scheme and Syllabus Download
29 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Syllabus Download
30 M. Tech. Thermal Engineering Scheme and Syllabus Download
31 Robotics Engineering Download
32 B.Tech CMS Download
33 B.Tech (civil) Download
34 B.Tech Electronics and Instrumentaion Download
35 B.Tech CMS Download
36 B.Tech Petroleum Engineering Download
37 B.Tech (Block chain technology) Download
38 B.Tech (Electronics & Instrumention) Download
39 Certificate motor winding Download
40 Diploma_Chemical Engineering Download
41 Diploma in Mining Engineering Download
42 M. Tech Artificial Intelligence Download
43 M.Tech Mining Download
44 M.Tech Renewable For (Agriculture Solar and Alternate Energy) Download
45 M.Tech (Biotechnology) Download
46 M.Tech (Data Mining) Download
47 M.Tech Cyber Security Download
48 M.Tech (Digital Communication) Download
49 M. Tech (VLSI) Download
50 M.Tech EI Download
51 B.Tech Data Mining Download
52 Certificate in Electrian Download
53 Certificate in House Hold Electrical Download
54 B.Tech. Agricultur Solar & Alternate Energy Download
55 B.Tech.Robotics Engg Download
56 Diploma Biotechnology Engineering Download
57 Diploma Agricultur Solar & Alternate Energy Download
58 Diploma Electrical & Electronics Engineering Download
59 M.Tech.Infrastructure Engineering and Management Download
60 B. Tech MBA Download

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